Milestone validation

Participants that validate their technical background in Electrical and/or Civil Engineering (or comparable experience) will be able to vote on the progress of the milestones. Such participants will be called Validators. The Protocol will incentivize Validators, so that they are rewarded for their contributions.

The specific incentives for the Validators are yet to be determined

Decentralization of the decision making in the Protocol is essential for the large scale that Unergy envisions. However, the Unergy Protocol developers will be initially in charge of the validation of the milestones. When the Unergy community grows large enough, the transition to a decentralized governance structure will be made.

The traceability of the milestones is made with on-chain interactions. Along with the registration of a Project in the protocol, the list of associated milestones and their respective weight is defined. This information will be publicly available before starting the funding process of a Project. The weight of a specific milestone will define the amount of funds to be disbursed to the installer company upon its completion.

When the Installer company wishes to submit a milestone for its review, they upload the evidence through the Unergy Platform and make a contract call marking their submission. The milestone enters an IN REVIEW state, and the Unergy Platform notifies the Validators. Validators have a defined time window to review the evidence and vote whether or not the milestone should be marked as complete. If the validation process is positive, the milestone is marked as SUCCESSFUL, which triggers the transfer of the milestone funds to the Installer’s wallet.

If the validation process fails, the feedback from the Validators is sent to the Installer company and the milestone is reset to its initial state. The Installer company is required to address the feedback from the Validators and submit new evidence accordingly.

In order to ensure the quality of the Projects that are developed, there are some technical guidelines to be followed for the evaluation of every milestone. These guidelines are shared in the Unergy Platform and may be subject to changes or adjustments according to the consensus of the Validators.

The milestone validation process can be summarized in the following process diagram.

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