Delays in the construction or procurement phase

During the construction or procurement process of a Project some delays could occur. For example, since many of the components are usually imported from Asia, the shipping process of the components to the installation site could be affected by, for example, contingencies that affect international maritime shipping times (such as the Suez Canal obstruction of 2021), public order issues in the target country, bureaucratic processes in customs, just to name a few.

The construction process could also be affected if any particularity is found in the ground of the construction, delays of the component or installation providers, demands or requirements from technical, governmental, or environmental authorities, and so on.

If a Project presents one or more of these problems, the actual construction time could exceed the initial estimation, and the pWatt buyers would have to wait longer to have their pWatts swapped by uWatts, and thus, affecting the equivalent annualized profit rate they would get after the swap.

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