Installer qualification

Experience, customer service, technology, and financial status are all factors in selecting an installer company to ensure the Project’s success. In order for an installer company to be eligible for installing a particular Project:

  1. The power capacity of the submitted Project must be at most the sum of the capacity of the 2 biggest projects the installer has in its portfolio. This ensures that the installer company is able to conduct the installation of Projects at this scale.

  2. The capacity of the submitted solar energy Project must be at most 75% of the capacity of the complete portfolio of the solar energy installer. This ensures that the installer has enough experience in installing this kind of Project.

  3. A market check is made to assess the recognition that the installation company has in its sector, what their customers say about the work, the relation they’ve had with them, and the quality of their work.

  4. An assessment of the financial status of the installation companies is made, in order to check the capacity they have to support the financial obligations that have to be acquired in the installation process; such as credit capacity with banks and/or component providers, and the financial capacity to emit the insurance policies that are required by the project.

Usually, maintenance of the Projects will be contracted with the Installer, taking advantage of the local presence and trust from consumers. However, if the installer is not meeting the maintenance requirements of the Project, the Protocol will allow a change in the maintenance contractor.

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