By eliminating intermediaries and barriers between stakeholders and the funding and operation of clean energy projects, Unergy creates a decentralized model with a transparent and trustworthy system. Automated mechanisms guarantee the creation of projects and their management of revenue. This set of mechanisms is referred to as the Unergy Protocol.

The Unergy Protocol is defined by a set of rules written on Smart Contracts that dictate the management of the Projects, the Reserve, and interactions with the participants of the protocol. It specifies the core aspects of the Protocol, such as:

  1. A stable currency collateralized in clean energy assets,

  2. The origination and tokenization of new Projects,

  3. The swap process of pWatts into uWatts,

  4. Energy tokenization and real-time tracking of energy generation, and

  5. The management of the income produced by the Projects, which includes a depreciation compensation mechanism for the assets that belong to the Reserve, the allocation of liquidity to a Liquidity Pool, and specially, the distribution of rewards to the owners of the Reserve (i.e. the holders of uWatts).

Each of these points will now be described in detail.

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