pWatt tokens

pWatt tokens are ERC-20 tokens that represent the ownership over a specific renewable energy asset. Initially, they are issued in order to raise the financing needs of acquiring or building a Project.

A technical and financial feasibility evaluation is made in order to ensure that the expected profitability of the Projects meets Unergy standards, and that the potential Project is well formulated and competitive in the market of Renewable Energy generation assets.

The amount of pWatts that are minted depends on the generation capacity installed in the renewable energy Project, which is referred to as the peak power (measured in watts-peak). For example, if a Project has a total capacity of 1 MWp (1 megawatt-peak, or 1 million watts-peak), then 1,000,000 pWatts will be issued for this particular project.

The pWatts for each project are distinct from pWatts for other projects. This is because every project has particular conditions or parameters such as the asset price, the energy sale price, and radiation at the project site, among others. Thus, every new project to be financed will require a new ERC-20 contract to be deployed, and the corresponding pWatt quantity will be minted once the project progresses to its funding stage. The pWatt is the token that represents the origination of the physical assets installed in the renewable energy Project.

The Protocol allows the project originator to receive up to 2.5% of the pWatts of the Project as an 'originator reward'. This serves to ensure the correct operation of the Project in the long term, since the rewards of the Project originator will come directly from the energy generation of the Project. This means that the Project originator has a clear incentive to keep the project operating in the best possible conditions.

Calculation of pWatt price

The Protocol will allow users to purchase pWatts in order to raise the funding needs that the Projects require for their origination. The price of the pWatt is the total cost of the project (CAPEX) divided by the amount of pWatts to be issued. Since the CAPEX of the Project is defined in US dollars, the pWatt price will be defined in a USD-pegged stable-coin, such as USDT.

USDT was chosen as the stable-coin in which the liquidity of the Protocol is managed and received, due to its high trading volume and market cap.

As it becomes widespread adopted, eventually the uWatt will also be used within the protocol to fund Projects.

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