Real-world funds management

The milestone-based on-chain approach allows a transparent and objective management of the funds raised for building the Project. The funds collected through the sale of the pWatts are not directly managed by any person or organization, but rather are controlled by the smart contracts of the Unergy Protocol. These funds are only disbursed to the installer company when the Validators reach a consensus about the completion of the Project origination milestones. The evidence of milestone completion will be publicly available through the Unergy Platform.

While solar energy Projects must have a real-world representative in order to carry commercial activities, the Unergy Protocol is built in such a way that uWatt holders are collectively recognized as the owners of the assets, so that the design of the Protocol prevents ethical breaches.

The collection of the energy sale payments will be in charge of the entity that represents the Project in the real world (a Unergy subsidiary); however, if this entity fails to do so appropriately, this behavior will be evident in the Project’s transaction history which is subject to public scrutiny and would undermine the trust that the participants would have in the Protocol, resulting in losses way beyond any potential gain.

The payments receipts, liquidity on-ramps, and the general treasury management of the Protocol before the liquidity is put in the management of the smart contracts of the Protocol itself, shall be publicly available in order to ensure a transparent management of the resources.

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