Tracking of energy monetization

When real-time energy reports are made, energy tokens are minted in the same the amount of energy (measured in MWh) that was generated since the last report.

The first energy report of a Project will not trigger the minting of energy tokens. This is because the amount that is minted is calculated as the difference between successive energy readings, hence at least two energy measurements are needed.

These energy tokens are held by a smart contract in the Unergy Protocol. The accumulated tokens represent the amount of energy that has not yet been monetized for that Project. When a certain amount of energy is paid, the corresponding amount of energy tokens are burnt.

This mechanism brings transparency to the Unergy Protocol, allowing any user (and the Protocol itself) to keep track of the energy generated for every Project. These energy tokens are not meant for direct use from the Protocol’s users, but rather used to quantify and keep track of the energy generation of the assets. They inherit all the properties from the ERC-20 standard, such as avoiding double-spending.

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