Collecting project income

Energy-generating assets must be represented by a legally established organization that is in charge representing the asset in the real world on behalf of the uWatt holders. For this, Projects are managed by one of Unergy’s subsidiary companies. In some jurisdictions, it is required that the Project representative be established as a Public Utility Company, for example, if the Project is feeding energy directly into the electricity Grid.

The company who is representing the Project will be in charge of billing the energy to the end consumer(s) and collecting the payments associated with those bills. If the payments are collected in the form of fiat currency, it will be responsible for making the on-ramp. In any case, funds will be transferred to the Reserve’s smart contract to place them under control of the Protocol. If energy consumers make late payments or accumulate energy bills, any interest charges will also be transferred to the Reserve.

The sum of the payments for the energy that the Projects generate and that are on-ramped and transferred to the Protocol constitute the Total income from the Projects.

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