With the objective of enhancing the transparency and decentralization of the Unergy Protocol, the Unergy community is able to votes in order to change the behavior of the Protocol in certain aspects:

  • Modify the discount rates at which the future cash flows of the projects are discounted in order to calculate their value

  • Upgrade the Protocol logic and its implementation

  • Validate the installation milestones, that allow the disbursement of funds to the installation companies,

  • Allocate funds and manage the Liquidity Pool positions of the Reserve

In the governance system, the uWatt token represents the voting power of the Protocol participants.

Initially, the majority of the decisions will be carried out by the Unergy team, using a multi-signature approach instead of a completely decentralized Governance system. As the Unergy community grows and the Protocol gains inertia, the Governance system will be fully implemented and all the decisions will be submitted through the Governance system.

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