Voting on Project funding

uWatt holders vote on how to distribute the accumulated revenue from the Reserve. Each Project that has reached a funding threshold of 10% coming from pWatt buyers (external capital providers) will be eligible to receive funds from the Reserve. The uWatt holders will decide on how much money, expressed in percentage over the accumulated income, will be assigned to each Project that meets this condition.
The purpose of 10% threshold on funding coming from pWatt buyers is to filter out the bad Projects. It is assumed that, since pWatt buyers take a higher risk by funding Projects directly, they will provide funding only for Projects that have been submitted that comply with minimum financial, technical, and risk criteria.
Every uWatt that a holder owns will be equivalent to one vote. Every month the voting will end on a predetermined date, and the accumulated funds will automatically be distributed to Projects. The Reserve will purchase pWatts of a Project in proportion to the number of votes that it obtained (with respect to the total votes registered for that month). Any discounts that apply to the pWatt purchases will too be valid for purchases made by the Reserve.
If, at the end of the voting period, there are not enough available pWatts of a Project that was chosen to be funded, the maximum possible number of pWatts will be acquired by the Reserve and the rest of the funds that were assigned to that project will then be assigned to the next most voted Project. This process will be repeated until all available funds have been assigned, or until there are no more available pWatts to purchase. In the latter case, funds will be kept in the Reserve and will be assigned in the next voting period.